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V.I.B.E Score

V.I.B.E. is an internal score that is built into every user profile that allows the application to distinguish between accounts that are valuable for the network and contributing to its network effects and those that are malicious and are sabotaging the performance of it.
We have been testing V.I.B.E. on the backend for some time now and we are in the final stages before we release it to alpha.
V.I.B.E. is an integral part of the variability of Gem Staking. Essentially, each staker gets their own personalized rewards based on the strength of their V.I.B.E. We will be releasing tips on how to improve your V.I.B.E. and multiply your network effects so that you can take the best advantage of REBL and Gem Staking, without revealing information that might make the network prone to spam attacks.
As we decentralize REBL, the control over Gem Staking and V.I.B.E. will fall under the control of the Diamond DAO.