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Welcome to the REBL docs. Here you will find info on the REBL App, Protocol, District NFT collection, NextGems NFT collection and more.

What is REBL? 💯

REBL is a content hub built for AI & Web3 communities to craft, discover and monetize. REBL is laying the foundation for the create-to-earn economy. Decentralize yourself – defi everyone else – with REBL.

Problem 😵

In the next 10 years, somewhere between 300-800 million jobs will disappear due to AI & automation. The create-to-earn economy presents one of the best opportunities to not only offset these job losses but empower billions of people. In order for that to happen we need to scale Web3 adoption fast.
4.5 billion people are interacting with each other through social networks but most are unable to control their destiny or monetize while doing so. REBL seeks to change that with its decentralized AI-driven social platform.

Solution 👈

REBL's decentralized platform puts you in charge of your online creative expression and identity with the combined power of blockchain and AI. With REBL, creators can finally craft, discover and monetize from within one platform all from day one.
REBL seeks to improve your
  • earnability through tokenization (available now)
  • creativity with A.I. generative tools and companions (coming)
  • ownership over your profile, content, and following (coming)
  • mobility across an ecosystem of rewarding applications (coming)